Telling Your Partner You Have Endometriosis

If you’re in a new relationship or about to embark on a new relationship, you may be trying to figure out the right time to tell your partner (or prospective partner) that you have endometriosis.

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When it comes to sharing information about your personal health, there are no hard-and-fast rules. Some people prefer to be upfront, but as Melissa Turner explains in her blog Endo Empowered, you may want to wait a while to see how things unfold.

Melissa advises that fellow endo warriors wait to see if they really like their potential partner first. Allowing time to get to know the person may provide more insight into how they’ll react — will they be caring and supportive? will they run for the hills?

There are two main things to consider: firstly, whether your partner is understanding and supportive enough to love someone with a chronic illness, and secondly, the potential issue of infertility down the road. While few partners want to talk about starting a family so early in a relationship, it’s important they know that it could become an issue.

Endometriosis can lead to pain during sex, which could negatively impact intimacy. If your partner doesn’t understand why you’re reluctant to have sex, it could cause relationship problems. Being honest fairly early in a relationship may help you better navigate this tricky path. Also, as Jean Hailes for Women’s Health explains, your partner may also be hesitant to engage in sex for fear of hurting you. An open and honest relationship will help you both communicate your fears and work out solutions.

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