Endometriosis Vlogger Talks About Suffering in Silence

In this open and often raw video from Berenice_dolls, Stephanie talks about living with a chronic illness like endometriosis, and the physical and emotional toll it can take.

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Stephanie’s endometriosis-related pain is so bad that she regularly has to take time off work and often needs to go to the hospital. The 25-year-old explains her frustration, and that even though she looks perfectly healthy on the outside, she feels like she’s dying. She’s also worried that endometriosis will make her infertile.

To compound her misery, Stephanie’s been told by medical professionals that she’s exaggerating her pain. Some even accused her of lying about it. For both these reasons, she was misdiagnosed for 13 years. Now she has to fight with her insurance company since they’re denying her coverage for the treatment that’s been recommended by her doctors.

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