Endometriosis Vlogger Talks About Suffering in Silence


In this open and often raw video from Berenice_dolls, Stephanie talks about living with a chronic illness like endometriosis, and the physical and emotional toll it can take.

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Stephanie’s endometriosis-related pain is so bad that she regularly has to take time off work and often needs to go to the hospital. The 25-year-old explains her frustration, and that even though she looks perfectly healthy on the outside, she feels like she’s dying. She’s also worried that endometriosis will make her infertile.

To compound her misery, Stephanie’s been told by medical professionals that she’s exaggerating her pain. Some even accused her of lying about it. For both these reasons, she was misdiagnosed for 13 years. Now she has to fight with her insurance company since they’re denying her coverage for the treatment that’s been recommended by her doctors.

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One comment

  1. Kelly says:

    When doctors down play the pain that a person my feel from endometriosis, it is often because one cannot understand the pain related to endometriosis unless they have experienced it themselves! To say that most women do not experience pain from endometriosis is like saying that one does not need to have water to survive. Most women suffer for years before any diagnosis is achieved. The average length of time is 10years. If you go to the doctors with a problem of diarrhea they often will tell the patient that they have irritable bowl. Well, no kidding! If endo is attached to the bowl or near the bowl, this will cause irritable bowl. Even the beginning stages of appendicitis will cause irritable bowl. If one has irritable bowl, one must find out what is causing the irritable bowl. Just as if one finds the need to frequently urinate. This is the consequences of something gone wrong inside the body. I was told that my frequent need to urinate was something that most older women just have to deal with as they age. Crap. It was actually a very severe case of systemic disease…Endometriosis. I was also told that my bowl incontinence was irritable bowl when in fact, it was endometriosis in the bowl. My doctor that performed my surgery told me that I was cured when he removed my insides. My doctor also told me that I was clean…all the endometriosis was removed. However, 5 months later, after repeated trips to that same doctor with the same complaints, I sought out a different doctor and that doctor took pictures of just how clean I was inside! That doctor had to perform 6 hours of surgery to remove my endometriosis. Good luck to anyone that may need to seek medical treatment.

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