#TBT: Halsey Opens Up About Endometriosis Diagnosis and Surgery

Back in January, singer and songwriter Halsey, shared photos on her Instagram account of her in the hospital following surgery for endometriosis. The 22-year-old has been very vocal about her journey with the chronic disease which forced her to live in acute pain for years while waiting for an accurate diagnosis. She has now become an inspiration for many women living with the disease.

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According to an article in Teen Vogue, Halsey didn’t go into details about the surgery, only saying she had undergone multiple procedures to treat her endometriosis and that she was in a lot of post-surgery pain. Halsey first used social media to highlight her fight with the disease, taking to Twitter last year to share how frustrated she was with the time it takes for women to be diagnosed. She also wanted to reach out to other women suffering from the debilitating disease to offer her support.

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