Halsey Opens Up About Living with Endometriosis

Halsey is a new rising star; after her debut album Badlands and featuring on a new song on Justin Bieber’s last album, Halsey has an amazing 2016 prepared, having just announced a U.S. summer tour. Known for her irreverence, her short blue hair and tattooed arms, the 21-year-old has taken a moment to address her fans about a battle that’s affecting her personal life.

On Thursday evening, Halsey tweeted about being recently diagnosed with endometriosis, a chronic disease that attacks women’s reproductive systems. The disease occurs when tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus starts to grow on the outside of the uterus, causing painful inflammation.

As you can see on her tweet (below), Halsey shares with her fans the frustration of being repeatedly misdiagnosed, especially when her symptoms got in the way of her performing. She told fans she understands how the “debilitating” disease can make you feel “like a prisoner in your own body,” but candidly leaves a breathe of hope and understanding, leaving them with the promise that she understands them and is here for them.

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