Women’s Health Foundation Awards Endometriosis Advocates

Women’s Health Foundation Awards Endometriosis Advocates

The nonprofit organization Women’s Health Foundation (WHF) has granted its Passion Award to physical therapist and endometriosis patient Sallie Sarrel, PT, ATC, DPT, as well as its Medical Activist Award to women’s health practitioner Leslie Wooldridge. The two women are going to be recognized for their support and fundraising efforts at a ceremony in Chicago.

WHF, an organization that focuses on the health and wellness of the pelvic region for women, announced that it will award Sarrel and Wooldridge as part of its “Below the Belt: Fighting for Women’s Pelvic Health” event, an annual fundraising gala that is taking place on May 16. The Passion Award is meant to honor patients that support other women suffering from pelvic medical complications, while the Medical Activist Award was designed to recognize healthcare providers with breakthrough health and wellness practices.

“WHF is excited to present these two women with their awards come May, and to introduce them to the greater Chicago health community. These two women are both a beacon of hope and inspiration for women struggling to find relief from various pelvic health issues,” stated founder and executive director of Women’s Health Foundation, Missy Lavender.

Sallie Sarrel was chosen by the organization for her fight with pelvic pain, as well as not only having overcome her disease, but also becoming a supporter for other women with endometriosis. Sarrel suffered with pain for 15 years prior to receiving the endometriosis diagnosis and now she uses her personal story about pain and infertility, as well as the knowledge she gained about treatments to encourage women.

The Medical Activist awardee was selected for the achievements in changing the field of pelvic health. With more than 29 years working as an advanced practice nurse, Leslie Wooldridge is currently the director of the Mercy Health Partners Bladder Control Center, as well as an advocate for the importance of pelvic wellness and an instructor at the fitness and exercise program of the foundation, called Total Control.

The WHF’s annual fundraising event will include a private performance from a national artist and a live and silent auction, in addition to the award presentation. The Foundation believes that the event is going to raise funding able to finance about 70% of its operating expenses during the upcoming year. More information about the gala and tickets are available at the website of Below the Belt here.