Treating Endo With CO2 Laser May Ease Endo Pain, Preserve Fertility, Study Shows

Treating Endo With CO2 Laser May Ease Endo Pain, Preserve Fertility, Study Shows

Researchers have found that using CO2 laser to remove endometrial cells may help reduce pain and recurrence while preserving patients’ fertility.

The study with that finding, “The impact on ovarian reserve of CO2 laser fiber vaporization in the treatment of ovarian endometrioma: a prospective clinical trial,” was published in the Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders.

Researchers evaluated the benefits of Lumenis FiberLase, a high power CO2 laser fiber, as a therapeutic strategy for ovarian endometrioma (cysts made of endometrial tissue in the ovaries).

The study enrolled 15 patients undergoing surgery for primary unilateral or bilateral symptomatic endometriomas. During the surgery, the endometrioma cystic lining was vaporized with CO2 laser fiber;  the vaporization went from the center of the cyst to its periphery.

After vaporization there was no need for suture and all patients were discharged the following day.

They assessed the therapies’ effectiveness by a gynecologic examination with pelvic ultrasound to determine the antral follicle count (AFC) — a parameter that shows a woman’s ovarian reserve — and blood samples from each patient were used to measure the levels of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH). Both AFC and AMH are essential for fertility.

The results showed that after CO2 laser vaporization, the levels of AFC were significantly increased, at one and three months’ follow-up. The increase was particularly significant in women younger than 35.

There were no statistically significant changes in patients’ blood levels of AMH concentrations at one or three months’ follow-up. No recurrences of symptoms and no recurrences of endometrioma were reported.

However, researchers noted that AFC is a stronger parameter than AMH to assess fertility because it directly correlates with the ovarian reserve of a single ovary.

Overall, “these data support the hypothesis that endometrioma vaporization with CO2 laser fiber may be a valid method to preserve ovarian function; however, further studies are required before advocating the routine use of CO2 laser vaporization for the management of ovarian endometriosis,” the study concluded.

Lumenis COlaser solution is a potential treatment to endometriosis, relieving patients from pain and other symptoms, while preserving fertility.

“I would emphatically recommend this procedure to other people, for everybody who is searching or has lost hope. You can get your life back!” Holly Sanneman said in a press release. Sanneman is founder and director of the nonprofit American End of Endo Project.