Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle to Help Manage Endometriosis

Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle to Help Manage Endometriosis

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Do you know what date you’re due on next? Do you know when your last period finished? Can you recognize your symptoms of PMS?

Don’t worry, neither do I. I know I’m due roughly around the end of the month, but I definitely can’t remember the last day of my period and I always get caught out by my PMS symptoms. It’s OK. We all have so much going on in our lives, so getting to grips with our periods isn’t necessarily going to be at the top of our priority list.

Having said that, getting to know our cycles and understanding them can help us with our day-to-day lives and with easing the symptoms of endometriosis. It can help us understand when to avoid our triggers, when to eat certain foods to support our well-being, or when to take it easy on ourselves. I can’t tell you how many periods took me by surprise, causing me excruciating pain during a really important event or meeting. Beginning to understand our cycle means we have more of a handle on endometriosis and puts us back in control.

Luckily, we’re in an age when learning about our cycles doesn’t have to be done alone. Countless books, websites, and workshops are now tailored around the menstrual cycle, so you can find something that suits your lifestyle.

Flutter Health

Many period apps are out there (some better than others), but not many are tailored to life with endometriosis. Flutter Health was developed by Kristy Curry, who had suffered for several years with endometriosis and knew there had to be a better way.

The free app monitors endometriosis symptoms, tracks periods, helps predict fertility (if that’s your kind of thing), and even has sections on meal plans, medication, and pain management. To top it all off, the app isn’t just for those with endo, it’s also for people who are dealing with extremely painful periods that could be related to endometriosis or other conditions. To help, the app includes diagnosis tools and even specialist suggestions.

‘Code Red’ by Lisa Lister

The book “Code Red” is written by the awesome Lisa Lister. An endosister herself, Lisa transformed her experience of endometriosis into an opportunity to understand and work with her body.

“Code Red” helps women know their flow and unlock their monthly superpowers.

What does that mean? It’s about understanding the four stages of our cycle and learning to work with the cycle, tailoring our lives to the changing flow of our hormones. From booking business meetings to improving our sex life to scheduling much-needed self-care time, Lisa Lister helps us make the most of our female bodies instead of trying to constantly fight against them. The book is also great if you’re interested in both the scientific and spiritual practices to support the body and mind.

If you’re keen to get started, I’ve just launched This EndoLife Book Club, and “Code Red” is our first read! You can join in over on my site.

Forage Botanical’s Peaceful Period Course

I am lucky enough to know Natasha of Forage Botanicals personally, and was in her course, plus interviewed her for my podcast. Natasha has extreme dysmenorrhea (painful periods) and has, like many of us, learned her own way to deal with it.

As a qualified herbalist, Natasha has developed a range of products to help deal with PMS and other hormonal, period-related symptoms such as pain and migraines.

Natasha also runs “The Peaceful Period Course.” The course was my entry into understanding my cycle, and realizing why I felt so good mid-cycle (ovulation) and why I felt so terrible just before and during my period! Her course takes us though the different stages of our cycle, and helps us understand the physical and emotional impact of our changing hormones and how we can flow with these. Because of Natasha’s background, this amazing course comes with a self-care kit of natural products, and teaches us how to use herbs, diet, and home remedies to support our bodies and reduce symptoms.

Natasha also recommends “Honoring Our Cycles: A Natural Family Planning Workbook.”

This Is Life Blood

Claire Baker is a women’s coach and the founder of This Is Life Blood. She teaches women about their cycles through workshops, ebooks, and online courses. Claire’s website is a fountain of tools and resources, tailored for budgets, locations, and desires.

If you’re wanting to educate yourself on your menstrual cycle for free and from the comfort of your own home, Claire’s Free Resources page is jam-packed with incredible information and practical tools that we can use in our day-to-day lives. She has a “Menstrual Cycle 101” PDF, and a brilliant masterclass on our hormones and creating “menstrual magic.”


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