3 Mobile Apps That Can Help Patients Manage Endometriosis

Many women with endometriosis now track their periods using mobile apps. They find it useful to ensure their period isn’t late, and to chart any PMS symptoms such as acne or mood swings so they can be proactive about their management.

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Tracking this information could also be extremely beneficial for women who suffer from endometriosis, so they can chart the amount of pelvic pain they suffer and exactly when in their cycle it occurs, along with other symptoms of the disease such as pain going to the bathroom, painful sex and heavy bleeding during periods. Some apps also help them to connect with other endometriosis sufferers to share advice and get emotional support.

Here are three endometriosis mobile apps you may find useful:

My Endometriosis Team
This app allows you to reach out and connect with other endometriosis patients around the world. Being able to share your experience with others while offering and receiving advice is a great way to realize you’re not alone on your endo journey.

Pain Dairy
This app works for anyone who has a chronic illness. It allows patients to chart and score pain as well as record and track other symptoms of the disease such as fatigue and mood swings. This app also has a feature where patients can connect with others living with endometriosis and swap best practices.

Endometriosis Diary
This app allows you to track your endometriosis symptoms over the month, along with identifying factors and triggers which may make your symptoms worse, including food and stress. You can export your data to a spreadsheet to show to your doctor. It also allows you to keep a record of upcoming hospital and doctors’ appointments.

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