How Your Diet Can Help You Manage Endometriosis Pain

Endometriosis is a painful condition where tissues outside of the womb, generally in the pelvic area, start acting like the lining of the womb. These tissues tend to thicken and start breaking down, leading to pain, discomfort and fertility problems.

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What causes endometriosis is not fully understood, as there are several different theories as to why the disease develops.

As an endometriosis patient, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Eating affects how you feel and experts around the world share some “common grounds” as to what’s considered a helpful choice for endometriosis patients, according to Healthy Women:

  • Follow a balanced diet, focusing on foods that are rich in iron, fibre and essential fatty acids (EFAs): apples, pears, plums, beans, peas, broccoli, chia and flax seeds, tofu, fish, eggs, etc.
  • Increase your physical activity: yoga and swimming are excellent exercises
  • Drink lots of water: at least 1/2 gallon of water a day keeps your body hydrated

Experts also have the same “common ground” over things to avoid:

    • Alcohol: Extremely inflammatory; affects vitamin D levels in the liver
    • Caffeine: Caffeine can increase menstrual pain as well as raising oestrogen levels
    • Soya: Soya contains elevated levels of phytoestrogens and other toxins that can trigger endo symptoms
    • Saturated fats: Found in margarine, butter, and lard, they trigger the production of inflammatory prostaglandins

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