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  1. Margaret Heath says:

    My daughter 35 yrs has sever endometriosis stage 4 she has sever pain. Is there anything she can do beside taking birth control pills. What Does the Hormone oxytocin play in the role of endometriois? Are you saying she has too much or too little? I too had endometriosis I had no problems getting pregnant. but, had sever pain every month with my periods. When they gave me Pitocin in the hospital for my labor I told the doctor this feels like having really bad period cramps. Maybe people with endometriosis are getting too much of the hormones oxytocin during their periods. If findings could be true. Is there a way to block the hormones right before their periods? I really don’t understand all this. I wish they could find a cure with people with endometriosis and pain.. I truly believe it has something to do with the hormones during the period.

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