Free iPhone App Provides Early Screening for Endometriosis, Other Reproductive Diseases

Free iPhone App Provides Early Screening for Endometriosis, Other Reproductive Diseases

flutterlogoWomen’s healthcare startup Flutter Health has released a new free mobile app that provides early screening for endometriosis and other women’s reproductive disorders.

“I want women to be empowered, proactive, and most of all, supportive. The more we talk about women’s reproductive health, the faster we solve problem,” said app developer Kristy Curry, a long-time endometriosis sufferer and creator of the Flutter iOS app to help women screen for endometriosis, which can take as long as eight years to diagnose in the U.S.


flutterappsymThe Flutter – Period & Ovulation Tracker, Journal and Endometriosis Self Diagnosis app enables women to screen for endometriosis and other reproductive diseases without a doctor visit. The app incorporates journal and calendar features that women can use to record symptoms, moods, and fluctuations over the course of their cycles. When it’s time to see a physician, with one tap they can export the collected data in a PDF format.

“Flutter allows you to track your symptoms, take a self-diagnosis test and find an endometriosis doctor that can and will help you. It’s a way to keep tabs on your health versus just going to your annual appointment like it is a mandatory oil change,” Curry said in a press release. “I want the app to allow women to be in control of their health, to be proactive.”

Presenting a holistic approach to women’s reproductive health, the Flutter app, website, blog and YouTube channel are resources for nutritional guidance, exercise tips, and relaxation techniques.


Kristy Curry and friend. Photo credit Amy Lombard

Flutter App Features:

  • Period tracking:  Keep tabs on your period with a quick glance;
  • Journal: Document how you feel mentally and physically each day;
  • Learn about endometriosis: Expand your knowledge of the disease;
  • Self-diagnosis: Conduct a self-test by simply answering some questions;
  • Find a doctor: Enter your location to find the best endometriosis specialists near you;
  • Ovulation tracking: Integrated into the calendar in your journal, keep track of your cycle with the ovulation calculator;
  • Medication log: Log your medication each day to help you stay organized;
  • Birth Control Reminder: Never forget to take your pill;
  • Nutrition and meals: Watch videos, explore recipes, learn about nutrition and more;
  • Pain management: Test different exercises, learn about assorted medications, discover various relaxation techniques.


New in Version 1.0.5, Flutter is now completely free, with in-app purchases for premium features and content removed so users can enjoy it all without any fee.

Endometriosis is a painful, chronic disorder that, according to the Endometriosis Association, affects at least 6.3 million women and girls in the U.S. Commonly misdiagnosed, endometriosis occurs when tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus begins migrating elsewhere, causing pelvic pain, severe menstrual cramps, abnormal bleeding, and other unpleasant symptoms.


Curry is currently developing an Android version of the app, and the Flutter website provides a community feature and clinician portal for connecting women with their care teams. Curry and her husband Jason own and operate the Faction Studio in Brooklyn, which recently was recognized as one of the top 10 mobile app development firms in New York City.

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