7 Facts of Everyday Life with Endometriosis


Living with endometriosis is no walk in the park, and every woman who suffers from this disease will tell you that. So we decided to gather some facts about living with endometriosis so you can understand a little bit more about how it is to go through life with this disease.

1. You’re tired of explaining what endometriosis is.

“Hi. My name is Jessica and I live with endometriosis… Yeah, sure, I’ll explain it to you.”


2. It doesn’t go away with a simple painkiller.

Bring them all. I dare you. It won’t make it go away.


3. No, contraceptive pills will not simply make it go away. It helps but it doesn’t cure it.

Trust me. I’ve been on birth control pills for a long time and the pain is still here. It’s not miraculous. It helps keep it (sometimes) in control, but it’s not the solution.


4. You keep having to repeat: it’s not just a really bad period.

Oh, so you also have bad period cramps and sometimes feel sick? Cute. Welcome to my life. All. The. Time.


5. You tell your friends that every woman experiences it differently

Yes, you probably know someone who knows someone who has it, and she’s not nearly in as much pain as you alway say you are.


6. You’re always sick and in pain. Like, always.

You’re not even being dramatic. The pain is real, so real.


7. There’s still no cure for it. But we’re hoping for it.

Please, just find a cure for it.



Learn more about endometriosis here: http://bit.ly/learnEndometriosis

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One comment

  1. Cheyenne McKinnon says:

    Oh this is completely accurate, I just was diagnosed last month and I am tired of explaining what it is and being completely misunderstood! ?

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