Endometriosis: Tips to Cope with the Pain

endometriosis tips

According to Center for Young Women’s Health, these are some possible tips to help cope with pain while living with endometriosis.

You know how painful living with endometriosis can be – the pelvic pain, painful menstrual cycles, bowel and bladder problems, and much more.

To help manage your pain, you should keep in mind several factors need be taken into account, in particular, relieving stress. Learning how to manage the stress in your life, especially if you are living with chronic pain can help considerably. Here are some tips on how you can lower your stress levels:

  1. Exercise: Although the pain can bring you down, being active at your own pace will help you relieve stress.
  2. Sleep 8–9 hours each night: Have a good and rested night’s sleep to restore your energy.
  3. Take naps when you need them: Naps are not just for babies or the elderly. Whenever you feel like you’re in need of it, just take a power nap to reset your energy levels.
  4. Eat three healthy meals a day: Your diet should be varied and full of nutritious food. Also, having healthy snacks in between meals will help you as well.
  5. Practice yoga: Together with other physical exercise, yoga could actually help you a lot with managing your endometriosis and pelvic pain.
  6. Learn when to push yourself and when not to: Know your limits. You know your body and your pain thresholds so learn to push yourself when you’re able, and rest when you’re not.
  7. Keep to routines as much as possible: Try not to change your routine too much. Find a routine where your body feels OK, and stick to it as much as possible.
  8. Plan ahead with your loved ones for unexpected flare-ups of pain:  Always have a backup plan for your pain. Talk to your parents, your significant other, your friends, or your caregivers and let them know what they can do to help you whenever you get that excruciating pain.
  9. Talk to a counselor: Speak up about it. Find someone who really listens and understands you, who can help you when you need to talk to someone.


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