Endometriosis Treatment: Painkillers

endo painkillers

According to Endometriosis.org, most of the women living with endometriosis know quite a bit about pain. Unfortunately, those who live with this disease know more about experiencing pain than actually being able to stop it, or at least manage it. Women will often try several different approaches in an attempt to alleviate the excruciating pain endometriosis causes, either with diet, exercise, home remedies or with painkillers. However, even painkillers are not always particularly helpful in easing endometriosis pain. Various types of medications can be used to try to deal with pain, such as aspirin or Tylenol.

Although they can’t take away 100% of the pain, they can help those with milder pains. There are also other types of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) painkillers which can be used for managing endometriosis pain.  The most common are ibuprofen, naproxen sodium and mefenamic acid. These drugs can be effective in alleviating pain and inflammation, but to do so, they must be used correctly. If you want to learn more about the various types of medications available and how to use them, please read the full article (you can find the link below).

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