Last Week’s Hot Topic on Endometriosis


Last week’s hot topic on endometriosis was Singer Halsey and Actor Lena Dunham Go Public with Endometriosis Travails written by Charles Moore.

This article focus on how celebrities can raise awareness for certain diseases. In this particular case, consciousness of endometriosis has recently been ratcheted up by several decibels with near-simultaneous announcements by two celebrities who say they are battling the gynecological disorder: 21-year-old singer/songwriter Halsey, and Lena Dunham, the creator, senior writer, and star of HBO’s “Girls.”

For more information about and support in coping with endometriosis, visit: The Endometriosis Society at; The Endometriosis Foundation of America at; The World Endometriosis Society (WES) at; or Endometriosis UK at

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