#TBT – Emily Robison (Dixie Chicks) and Endometriosis

Emily Robison, 43, is an American singer, songwriter and a founding member of the female country band the Dixie Chicks.

According to people.com, Emily had been married to country singer Charlie Robison for a few years when they decided the time was right to start their family. They tried several times, and after the first month of trying and seeing not results, they started to get worried. Six months passed of trying naturally, and still no baby bump. Both Emily and Charlie thought that something must be wrong and were aware they could have a problem ahead.

They kept on trying, but after a year of failure they decided to take another approach. Unfortunately, Emily suffered with endometriosis, her pain was unbearable and the chances of her being infertile were pretty high, so she decided to undergo a laparoscopy. After the surgery, two years of trying and three rounds of IVF treatment, they finally got the baby they wanted so much. Charles Augustus was born at the fourth try, on November 11th, 2002, and was the couple’s miracle baby.

When little Gus was almost two, Emily and Charlie decided it was time to test their luck again, but decided to skip the natural way of things and go straight to IVF treatment. This time they were double blessed and Augustus got a both a baby sister and a baby brother – Julianna Tex and Henry Benjamin, who were born April 14th, 2005.

Sadly the couple divorced a few years later, but Emily went on to have another daughter, Violet Isabel, with her current partner, fellow musician, Martin Strayer.


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