4 Treatments for Endometriosis You Should Know About

3. Surgical Treatment for Endometriosis


In the field of surgery to treat endometriosis, the purpose is to temporarily relieve the pain, and it is particularly used for patients with severe pain. Laparoscopy is the most common type of surgery for endometriosis and it consists of the insertion of an instrument to inflate the abdomen slightly with a harmless gas and removal of the endometriosis tissue with intense heat and cauterizing.

Laparotomy is also an option, particularly when the lesions are too small to see in a laparotomy, and surgeons remove the endometriosis patches and in some cases the uterus in a major abdominal surgery.

In addition, surgery to sever pelvic nerves is meant for patients with located pain in the center of the abdomen, but the results of the surgery are not conclusive.

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