ARTguide Test Shows Promise in Assessing Endometriosis Risk, Predictive Technology Announces

ARTguide Test Shows Promise in Assessing Endometriosis Risk, Predictive Technology Announces

ARTguide, a DNA-based diagnostic tool, shows promise in being able to assess a woman’s risk for endometriosis and other genetic causes of infertility, and potentially increasing the odds of conception through assisted reproductive technologies, according to interim beta test results announced by Predictive Technology Group.

Launched in 2018, ARTguide is a first-in-kind, non-invasive test based on a mathematical algorithm that combines information from specific genetic markers and clinical predictors to calculate a woman’s risk of developing endometriosis. The test also uses next-generation sequencing, a powerful gene-sequencing technique, to screen and identify mutations in 12 different genes that are known to affect fertility.

This diagnostic test is specifically designed for women who are considering assisted reproductive technologies (ART), such as in vitro fertilization, to have a child.

So far, ARTguide has been tested in more than 1,000 women at multiple clinical sites, and initial results have exceeded the company’s expectations and parameters established during the test’s initial research and development phase.

“Completing over 1,000 patient tests is an important milestone towards the validation and commercialization of ARTguide,” Bradley Robinson, president and CEO of Predictive Technology Group, said in a press release. “To be able to provide a better understanding of fertility barriers and a course of action for overcoming those barriers to women and their families who are struggling is a real game-changer and long overdue. We are happy with the beta test results so far indicating that ARTguide is a powerful tool for optimizing advanced fertility care.”

Investigators at Predictive Laboratories, a subsidiary, will continue to collect data on pregnancy rates and other treatment outcomes, and plan to present detailed findings later this year.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Predictive Laboratories in beta testing of ARTguide and are happy to have surpassed over 1,000 patient results,” said Gassan Haddad, MD, medical director at Houston Fertility Institute, which is also participating in an institutional review board-approved ARTguide retrospective study (of patients with known ART outcomes) to be published later this year.

Most fertility treatments involve the use of certain medications or surgery. However, the best course of treatment for each woman seeking to conceive may be different, depending on whether the woman has endometriosis or another genetic disorder that affects fertility.

Therefore, knowing in advance that a woman is at risk for endometriosis or other infertility-related disorders can help physicians design a personalized treatment plan to increase the odds of conceiving.

“We are pleased with the findings from the ARTguide beta test results,” said Kenneth Ward, MD, laboratory director of Predictive Laboratories. “ARTguide provides physicians with clinically useful information helping guide women’s care. For patients seeking advanced infertility treatment, we believe that this test will offer meaningful insight into therapy best suited to lead to a successful pregnancy.”