My Favorite CBD Brands for Endometriosis

My Favorite CBD Brands for Endometriosis

A few years ago when I started my website, This EndoLife, I reviewed a cannabidiol (CBD) oil product. While I didn’t feel much of a result from the product, it’s my top-viewed post to date.

A short while later, I tried a CBD vaping product called MediPen that’s made with coconut oil and natural ingredients. I found that it helped to ease my anxiety, which was more severe at the time. The pen took the edge off my pain, but when living with endometriosis, I think you need more than a mere softening around the edges.

Since then, I haven’t found many products worthy of my money. The United Kingdom’s market is tricky because it lacks the regulations that are necessary to ensure products contain high-quality CBD. I’m hopeful that this will change in the future and that the Food Standards Agency will suggest new regulatory laws.

When a product costs £100 ($126) or more, I want to be sure it works!

However, I’ve kept my eye on a few companies. I’ve listened to interviews with their founders or have spoken to them directly, and they appear to be informed while doing the utmost to ensure their CBD products meet regulations and help people.

Following are my favorite CBD brands:

Whoopi and Maya

Whoopi and Maya‘s arrival to the medicinal cannabis scene was a big deal. It was the first company I had heard of that made CBD rubs for period pain.

Whoopi Goldberg has endometriosis and is passionate about raising awareness of the condition. Her co-founder, Maya Elizabeth, is behind the company Om Edibles. Whoopi and Maya is not the typical medicinal cannabis brand, as its products are specifically designed for period pain. For that, I bow to them.

Their products include a bath product that contains cannabis, Epsom salts, and essential oils to reduce pain and ease muscle tension. They have a cannabis rub for the abdomen that relieves period pain, plus a delicious-sounding raw cacao edible spread to lift your mood when PMS is raging. There’s also a relaxing tincture designed to support the reproductive system while easing menstrual pain and symptoms.

If you’re interested in Whoopi and Maya, I suggest listening to this fascinating interview.

Lazy Sunday Bath Bombs

I first heard about Lazy Sunday Bath Bombs on the set of a period-focused campaign I was a part of. The team I worked with told me their last model had endometriosis and swore by Lazy Sunday Bath Bombs. Since then, they’ve continuously cropped up on my radar within the endometriosis and period community I am a part of.

Lazy Sunday Bath Bombs were created specifically for those of us who live with chronic pain, and the company was founded by Bea, who has both polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis, and Liz, who has fibromyalgia.

I’m a big fan of products with toxin-free ingredients, so I was super happy to read that despite the bright and fun colors of their products, Liz and Bea only use natural, high-quality ingredients like coconut oil and Himalayan salt. They also offer a range of CBD products, including cute-looking bath bombs (which I think is a lovely way to add some luxury to an endo flare), bath salts I’m a big fan of, and a magnesium- and CBD-based rub. (I love magnesium for pain relief, so this sounds ideal to me.)

The girls donate 10 percent of their profits to worthy causes.


Supergood is another brand founded by a person with endometriosis. The brand combines two mighty ingredients in its products: CBD and turmeric. While there’s not enough research into turmeric to make any solid claims, many people with endometriosis — including me — find that turmeric provides an anti-inflammatory effect to reduce pain levels.

Their products include Golden Oil, Golden Capsules, Golden Milk, and pure, full-spectrum oil.

Supergood’s website also contains a wealth of knowledge, resources, and information for understanding the world of tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD, and you also can listen to a great interview with them here.

Have you tried CBD for endometriosis? What are your favorite CBD brands? Please share in the comments below.


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