Courses to Help You Live Better with Endometriosis

Courses to Help You Live Better with Endometriosis

Sometimes navigating the world of endometriosis, periods, and hormones is like trying to get through a maze while blindfolded. We might be doing something that we think is helpful for endo, only to discover that it’s negatively affecting our blood sugar and hormones. With so much conflicting advice and so many books and blogs out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

I like to have step-by-step instructions from experts. If there’s something I want to learn, I’d rather pay the money (if I have it) to do a course and learn the steps, than spend hours, weeks, or months researching different sources and trying to organize them into a coherent order.

Thankfully, other experts agree with this method and are teaching their tools for endo management and hormone optimization through online courses. So if you prefer this method of learning or want some extra support with your endometriosis management, I recommend the following courses:

The Endo Toolkit

This one is for endometriosis. Jessica Murnane is the founder of One Part Plant and One Part Podcast. She has stage 4 endometriosis and was due to have a hysterectomy when she decided to try a tailored diet in a last desperate bid for relief – and it worked. Since then, she has created an approach that enables her to live mostly symptom-free. She teaches this method with experts on her website Know Your Endo and her course the Endo Toolkit.

I think this course is excellent for beginners who are starting with endometriosis management. It’s accessible, nonjudgmental, and informative with modules on food, movement, and alternative therapies.

If you want to learn more about the course before committing, I interviewed Jessica on my podcast.

The Endo Toolkit costs $199.


This course helps you to manage your hormones, having a better period, and eliminate the symptoms of conditions such as endometriosis.

I have read “Womancode,” which takes you through the steps that are outlined in the course. I found the protocols in the book to be tough, so I’m saving up to buy this course. The results I’ve had from following the book have been promising, and I’m hopeful about the benefits I will gain from doing the course.

The author, Alisa Viti, is a leading expert on women’s health and hormones, and the feedback from course participants appears to be overwhelmingly positive. In her course, you’ll learn about the phases of your menstrual cycle; dietary, exercise, and lifestyle advice to support your hormones; and how to counteract the negative impact of modern living and reduce unwanted symptoms.

MonthlyFLO is $297.

Fertility Awareness Mastery

This is a course for fertility. If you’re struggling with fertility or you’re thinking about getting pregnant, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack’s course is an in-depth way to understand your hormones, menstrual cycle, and fertility.

For those of you wanting to get off the pill, Lisa will help you to understand how to use natural fertility awareness as your leading form of birth control, plus how to improve your periods and optimize your chances of conceiving naturally.

If you’d like to know more before committing, I recently interviewed Lisa. She has just launched her debut book, “The Fifth Vital Sign,” and hosts a podcast called Fertility Friday.

Fertility Awareness Mastery costs $397.


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