What Women Want From Endometriosis Research


This video from MDedge shares some of the research priorities for women living with endometriosis. Dr. Andrew Horne from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland explains that his research team reached out to women suffering from the condition to find out what areas they most wanted researchers to work on.

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Along with better treatments, understanding the cause of the condition, and ultimately, finding a cure for endometriosis, women want a non-invasive diagnostic test that can save them years of misdiagnosis and unnecessary pain. They also want researchers to find a treatment approach that helps them manage both the emotional and physical impact the disease has on their everyday lives.

Dr. Horne explains that endometriosis shares many similarities to cancer in the way that it attaches itself to cells, grows and spreads and that researchers may be able to come up with new treatments and therapies based on current cancer treatments.

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  1. Tina says:

    it would also be nice to help those of us who have had hysterectomy with bso who continue to struggle with pain and dysfunction in our body. Despite the fact that we are no in the state of menopause we should not be brushed aside! Our pain is significant and we have most likely been dealing with it for decades because of the beginning mismanagement of our disease. You state this disease is similar to cancer in how it works then perhaps Dr’s could be a bit nicer about giving us pain medications without making us feel like drug seekers. I doubt a cancer patient would be treated in such a manner! We are trying VERY hard to have QOL and trust me the pain we live in everyday is beyond what most could begin to comprehend but yet we keep going because we have no choice!

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