Help Me Get My Life Back from Endometriosis

Read the video’s description here: “On May 19th of 2013, while volunteering for a non-profit in New York City, I had my first encounter with a disease would change my life forever. Out of nowhere I suddenly had period cramps so painful I had to take an ambulance to the ER. I also experienced vomiting, diarrhea and constipation in addition to the horrible pain.

When I returned to Canada, I visited multiple doctors and was informed I have endometriosis, a hormone and immune disease where diseased tissue grows on internal organs, commonly the bladder, bowels, uterus and ovaries. There is no known cause or cure for endometriosis, though specialists suspect it is a genetic condition that many people are born with that is triggered by unknown environmental factors. Endometriosis has been listed as one of the most painful conditions in existence and has been compared to the pain of childbirth or that of a man being kicked repeatedly in the testicles.

Before being affected by endometriosis, I used to be extremely active. I loved to sing and dance (I was in a band and enjoyed performing in plays and musicals), to travel and exercise, and to try new things! I was involved with multiple side-projects, took classes to learn new ways to perform, participated in dance led workshops and was always on the move. I was an active photographer, graphic designer and filmmaker and loved to work especially with non-profits. Now… Now I can barely make it to my part-time job. I have lost the ability to plan excursions, and am constantly having to cancel on the people I love because I don’t have the energy or stamina to leave my apartment. On all the trips I have attempted to take in the past two years I have spent more time in the hotel room throwing up, than I have actually getting to see the place I am visiting. For the first year I refused to believe I could be this sick forever and attempted to keep living my life as usual, only to have over 6 ER visits related to the pain of endometriosis. I never know when the pain will come back.

This is why I’m sharing my story. I want to return to the active life-style that I have always enjoyed. I have too much to contribute to the world to sit and waste my life away!

Endometriosis is commonly misunderstood even within the medical community. I have been put on pill after pill to try and suppress my symptoms but nothing has worked. I have already spent over $500 on medications this year alone that have only given me minor relief. I’m experiencing near constant bloating, nausea, increased anxiety, and lots of pain. With a disease like endometriosis, a specialist is required. One who understands the disease and how to treat it effectively.

Surgery for endometriosis is very common. Most surgery is performed via laparoscopy which is a bellybutton keyhole surgery that is minimally invasive. The problem is that most regular OB/GYN’s and doctors are not experienced enough with endometriosis to find the diseased tissue and remove it. Most doctors perform surgery using a technique called ablation which is where they try to burn off the diseased tissue. This has proven to be very ineffective and many endometriosis patients experience short-term relief, or no relief at all from this method. It is common for endometriosis patients to have had multiple surgeries of this nature with little to show for it (sometimes upward of 10+ surgeries). Ablation surgery can also cause scar tissue to form on the burned areas which can make it more difficult for a specialist surgeon to find the diseased tissue.

Many specialist surgeons, like Dr. Andrew Cook at Vital Health Institute in Los Gatos, California, practice excision which an alternative technique to ablation. In excision surgery they cut out diseased tissue at the root, and the surrounding area to make sure it is removed completely and will not grow back. ”

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